Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Power shock, pulling up, and a paper chase begins

Who knew that a shock from a 120v outlet could cause one to feel so weird! 

Last night, I was blending up some baby food for Zane (I make all of his baby food myself) when the little processor sparked and sorta shocked me.  My left hand tingled and I had a headache for several hours afterward!  I still had the headache when I went to bed.

I used the processor again today, and nothing happened, so I am sure it's okay.

Zane is now pulling himself into a standing position.  He did it for the first time yesterday!  It seem like just yesterday he started rolling over!

I mean, he just started crawling over things, like the chair rungs...



and eating at the table...


and now he's standing...


My little boy is growing up!

Did I mention that he wasn't so fond of the pool in Iowa?


That's my DH, Brian, trying valiantly to cajole a smile out of him!

He finally did smile, after Daddy took him out of the boat and held him...


but trust me, it didn't last!  LOL!  He definitely thought playing with Delores was more fun than the pool!


Look at that grin!

We officially started the paper chase for our adoption today! 


Our application is in the mail to Lutheran Family and Children's Services!  Whoo Hoo!  I know we have A LOT of paperwork, and A LOT of waiting to do yet, but I am excited nonetheless!

Be blessed,

Lady V

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LaTonya said...

Oh, my goodness. Super cute!