Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer Fun Designer Collab Kit and Brag Book Page Hunt

Join us for a Brag Book Page Hunt to celebrate the release of our very first Designer Collab Kit at Pretty Scrappy

Here's a look at the brag book you will have when you have collected the pages from all the blogs

Here are the pages you can snag from me (click on image to download):

Snag the rest here:
Pretty Scrappy Designs
Share Your moments
LaRessie Designs
Just Passin' Thru
Kathy's Scraps
Chris Brown Designs
Xandra Martin Designs
Brittney Ferguson Designs
Kiere's Creations
Denise G Designs

Don't feel like hunting? Get the entire 34 page Summer Fun brag-book for just 4.99! This brag book kit was designed by Pretty Scrappy Design Team & Creative Team members using our brand new collab kit! These 4x6 pages are perfect for all of your summertime and vacation photos. Materials used to create these pages are from the "Summer Fun" Designer Collab kit that is just released. Assemble an entire photo album in minutes! It's fun, quick and super-easy!

All of this only 4.99!!

The Summer Fun Designer Collab Kit is also now in the store!

This Mega-Mega kit is a collaboration kit designed by all 13 members of the Pretty Scrappy Design Team. This GINORMOUS kit is almost 1.5 gigabytes!!! It contains 201 papers, 6 alphas, 3 quickpages, and 638 elements!!!!!

Here's a reminder of what the kit looks like:

Holy Moly, that's a lot! All of this for only 9.99!!! Grab it now before the price goes up! So, what are you waiting for? Run--don't walk--and grab this phenomenal kit here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Heritage Tulips

You would not believe how many pictures I have taken of my flower garden. I suppose I garnered my love of flowers from my Mom. When I was growing up, she had blooms in the yard year round. At one point, over 100 varieties of flowers. Mom could be found in the flower beds often before any of us kids were out of ours.

I don't have as many varieties of flowers in my yard. But each one is special to me. I have an heritage garden. The tulips pictured here are just outside of my kitchen patio door. They were Mom's before they came to grace my yard. I have collected seeds, plants, and bulbs from various family members and now adorn my yard with them. There are daffodils from my Grandpa Joe, tiger lilies from my Grandpa Paul, a yucca from my Grandma Carol, babies breath from Mom, hen & chicken and live forever from Grandma Hig (my husband's Grandma). This fall I will be planting iris's that were my Grandma Joan's.

My Grandparent's are all departed. But when their flowers bloom, my memories of them bloom as well. And I am grateful, for such a rich heritage.

Photos- tulips in my backyard
Butterflies- CU PSP Script "Chubby Butterfly" by Cindy Ritter
Papers- Hope Blooms Mega Kit by Lady V dZine
Frames- Au Naturale Kit by Lady V dZine


The photos are of my hubby goofing off on our honeymoon in Arizona. What a cheesy grin, huh?

The frame is from my Earth Tones kit

I just got this great new CU PSP Script from Cindy Ritter. I used it to make the flowers on this layout.

Be blessed,

Lady V

Monday, May 26, 2008

I've been tagged...

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7 Facts

1. I am a Christian.

2. I like chocolate.

3. My middle name is Myree (pronounced my-ree, not ma-ree).

4. I was once diagnosed as mentally retarded.

5. I have been on two talkshows.

6. I met my husband on Yahoo. Yahoo!

7. My left fourth toe does not have a nail.

You're next!
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Sneak Preview

You will not believe the collab kit that we have put together at Pretty Scrappy. With this kit you will get the collective creativity of thirteen designers in over 600 elements and over 200 papers! This kit is almost 1.5 GB!!! It will hit the store on June 1st, and we have some great freebies coming your way to whet your appetite! Here are some previews of Summer Fun:

I made a brag book page for you from my portion of the kit.

click here to get freebie

Have a great day, and check back soon for more Summer Fun!

Lady V

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Have you ever...?

Had one of those days where your emotions ran the gamut? Well, today has been one of those. My sister told me early this morning that my nephew, James (17), was missing. He left his sister's at 10:20 last night and was supposed to pick up his brother and go home. He never showed up to get his brother, he never arrived home, and did not show up for school this morning.

We were all frantic. His Mom, Dad, and Sister contacted all of his friends and the local police while my sister called the local hospitals.

Finally, he was found. He had taken a wrong exit on the highway home. He got lost, ended up on the other side of the river, ran out of gas and had no money on him to call home or get more gas. So, he slept in his car.

The local police contacted a few other departments and ran his license plates. He was found by another police department and safely returned home.

In todays day and age, when a kid goes missing, it is enough to FREAK a family out. Needless to say, I was praying and had quite a few friends praying as well. Praise God he is okay, and home!

I went from devastated to elated in the space of a few hours and developed a headache from all the crying!

Wow. Thanks for reading my ramblings...

I have a new kit going into the store at Pretty Scrappy. It is called Au Naturale. It has 30 papers and 31 elements. Here are the previews.

The following is a freebie, not included in the kit.

You can get it here for the next week, then it goes in the store.

Have a blessed day!

Lady V

Monday, May 12, 2008

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Check it out!!

Lady V

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Earth Tones Kit

Grandma Hig recently celebrated her 90th birthday. We took advantage of the opportunity to grab a 4 generations photo. Pictured are Grandma Hig, Richard Higgins (my hubby's Dad), Brian Higgins (my hubby), and Zane Higgins (my boy).

All elements from my new Earth Tones Kit now available at Pretty Scrappy for just $6.99!

The kit contains 15 patterned/textured papers, 45 elements, 15 frames, an uppercase alpha as well as a lowercase alpha.

Don't need the whole kit? Get the Earth Tones Alpha, Earth Tones Element Pack, Earth Tones Frames, Earth Tones Paper Pack seperately for just $1.99 each.

Grab the free quickpage here:
Earth Tones Quickpage

Be blessed,

Lady V

Texture Overlay sets now in store

These texture overlay sets are now in the store for just $2.99 and they are commercial use OK!: Pretty Scrappy

Texture Set 1

Texture Set 2

And here is a freebie not found in the kits:

Grab it while you can, because this one will go in the store soon! Commercial Use Ok!!
Commercial Use Texture Overlay

May 2008 Scrap Kit Challenge

The theme for the coming month is "Honoring Our Parents. I decided to knock out my kit early this month so that I can work on stuff for the store at Pretty Scrappy.

Here are my Previews:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Kit Contains: 16 papers, 2 overlays, 2 borders, 30 elements, 3 uppercase alphas, and 2 wordarts. Not all elements shown in previews.

Special thanks to: Obsidian Dawn, MegaDoodle, TexasTwisterGirl, ActionFX, Monica Larson, Janine Oliveira for resources used in this kit.

Be Blessed!

Lady V

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Making an Element Bag Tutorial (PSP)

I belong to a couple of digital scrapbooking learning groups on Yahoo (,,,
and On one of the groups, someone asked for a tutorial on creating element bags. I couldn't find a tutorial, so I decided to write one...

Making an element bag in PSP
1. Open new raster document (12x12 at 300ppi). Rename the raster layer “bag”
2. Set foreground to white
3. Set background to #c5c0b7
4. Click on background properties tag and select gradient foreground/background and use these settings:

5. From panel, choose your flood fill tool. Left click on your image to flood fill with the gradient. It should look something like this:

6. Select mesh warp tool.
7. Move the nodes around until you have something like this:

8. Choose your selection tool, and use the rounded rectangle to select an area like this:

9. Invert selection and clear. It should look like this:

10. Invert selection again, to reselect only the image.
11. Add a new raster layer and name it “wrap. Flood fill this layer with black.

12. With your wrap layer highlighter, choose your selection tool and pick the rectangle.
13. Draw out a rectangle like this:

14. Edit: clear
15. Your image now looks like this:

and your layers palette like this:

16: Paste the cutout shape as a new layer. And position it to look like this:

16. Use your magic wand to select the cutout.
17. Highlight your wrap layer and edit: cut.
18. Highlight your bag layer and edit: cut.
19. Delete the cutout layer. Your image should look like this:

20. Add a new layer and name it staplehole.
21. Use your selection tool to draw a small rectangle and flood fill it white. Duplicate. Arrange the rectangles so that they look like this:

Then merge down so that both white rectangles are on the staplehole layer.
22. Use your magic wand to select the first white rectangle. While pressing shift, select the second white rectangle.
23. Highlight the wrap layer and edit: cut
24. Highlight the bag layer and edit: cut. Your image now looks like this.

25. Flood fill your wrap layer in gray. Use your magic wand to select the cutout and staple holes.
26. Select Effects: 3D effects: Outer Bevel
27. Use the following settings:

28. Add staples. Your image looks like this:

29. Highlight your bag layer. Reduce opacity to about 70%.

30. Save as PSP file so that you can later change the wrap layer to match whatever kit your are displaying.

Here’s my finished example:

You can get the cut out shape here:
Cut Out Shape

Or creat your own using the retangle and circle selections.

Have fun with it. Feel free to share my blog link with other groups whose members may benefit from this tutorial.

Tutorial by: Virginia Higgins, Lady V dZine of

Be Blessed!

Lady V