Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Heritage Tulips

You would not believe how many pictures I have taken of my flower garden. I suppose I garnered my love of flowers from my Mom. When I was growing up, she had blooms in the yard year round. At one point, over 100 varieties of flowers. Mom could be found in the flower beds often before any of us kids were out of ours.

I don't have as many varieties of flowers in my yard. But each one is special to me. I have an heritage garden. The tulips pictured here are just outside of my kitchen patio door. They were Mom's before they came to grace my yard. I have collected seeds, plants, and bulbs from various family members and now adorn my yard with them. There are daffodils from my Grandpa Joe, tiger lilies from my Grandpa Paul, a yucca from my Grandma Carol, babies breath from Mom, hen & chicken and live forever from Grandma Hig (my husband's Grandma). This fall I will be planting iris's that were my Grandma Joan's.

My Grandparent's are all departed. But when their flowers bloom, my memories of them bloom as well. And I am grateful, for such a rich heritage.

Photos- tulips in my backyard
Butterflies- CU PSP Script "Chubby Butterfly" by Cindy Ritter
Papers- Hope Blooms Mega Kit by Lady V dZine
Frames- Au Naturale Kit by Lady V dZine

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